Social Responsibility

What we do

IBP works with members and experts to develop policies and guidance covering all sectors and requirements of the oil, gas and biofuels industry. Read below about our activities, advocacy, initiatives and priorities for each of our areas of focus.

Social Responsibility

Supported by our Social Responsibility and Sustainability Committee, IBP works to promote an ethical and socially responsible oil, natural gas and biofuels industry.

We also advocate better sustainability practices that reconcile economic growth with environmental protection and social development.

IBP promotes collaboration and provides a platform for sharing information and experience in social responsibility with national and international organizations, supported by a committee of industry players and IBP staff.

IBP also develops, disseminates and implements initiatives and tools that enable member companies to incorporate socially responsible concepts and practices into their business decision-making and management.

Enhancing Sustainability Practice

Sustainability practices are known to influence stock performance. These can range from voluntary sponsorship for social programs to engagement with communities in which companies operate. Transparent communication and dialog give legitimacy to the solutions companies implement to mitigate the social and environmental impacts of their operations.


Social Responsibility Committee

If you are interested in joining an IBP technical committee, please contact Relationship Management.