Natural Gas

What we do

IBP works with members and experts to develop policies and guidance covering all sectors and requirements of the oil, gas and biofuels industry. Read below about our activities, advocacy, initiatives and priorities for each of our areas of focus.

Natural Gas

IBP helps to improve regulation, disseminate knowledge and provide a platform for information exchange toward the development of Brazil’s natural gas market, in collaboration with other institutions, associations, and national and international bodies.

At regulatory scenario, the IBP actively participates in public consultations and hearings, and discussions on the regulation of the legal framework, such as the legal framework known as the “Gas Act”, published in 2009 and currently under implementation.

Two technical committees formed by company’s representatives of the sector and collaborators of the Institute, work on studies and proposals of a technical, regulatory and tax nature, in addition to promoting the holding of important events and courses for the natural gas segment.


Natural Gas Studies

Aiming to respond to short, medium and long terms needs of Brazilian electricity sector, an institutional model of integrated and optimized management of all available energy sources, which includes domestic natural gas (NG) and LNG, have been studied to analyze its systemic and cost-effective aspects. The study will also consider generation, transmission and the final consumer, respecting regional peculiarities.

Tax issues studies related to the Brazilian natural gas value chain are currently being developed to improve the tax structure and the competitiveness of the natural gas sector.

Every year, the natural gas supply and demand scenarios in Brazil are reviewed, following the development of oil and gas production in the pre-salt, including outflow and processing, and making a comparative analysis of the scenarios presented by EPE (Ten Year Energy Expansion Plan) and Petrobras (Business Plan and Management).


Natural Gas Good Practices Guide

As established by Gas to Grow Initiative, the owners of infrastructures essential to access gas pipelines and natural gas processing units, should submit a proposal for guidelines to enable access to them.

The IBP gas natural technical committees started discussions planning to elaborate the Natural Gas Good Practices Guide – Access Guidelines to Processing Units of Natural Gas, based on the best international practices and using as reference the Code of Practice on Access to Upstream Oil and Gas Infrastructure on the UK Continental Shelf.

The document is a contribution of IBP to modernize the Brazilian natural gas market that aims to guide negotiations on the contracting of natural gas processing services at the processing units of natural gas.



Natural Gas Technical Committee


If you are interested in joining an IBP technical committee, please contact Relationship Management.