What we do

IBP works with members and experts to develop policies and guidance covering all sectors and requirements of the oil, gas and biofuels industry. Read below about our activities, advocacy, initiatives and priorities for each of our areas of focus.


IBP has a mandate from the Brazilian Technical Standards Association (ABNT) to develop standards for the various segments of the oil value chain in Brazil through committees composed of IBP staff and representatives from members.

Our standardization groups include fuels and special products, lubricants, fuel distribution and storage, asphalt and pipelines.

Since becoming accredited by ABNT as a Sector Standardization Organization (ONS) in 1998, IBP has developed and revised more than 450 standards in these and other segments of the oil industry.

IBP is also a member of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)’s Technical Committee for oil products.

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Study Committee, Asphalt
Study Committee, Fuel and Special Products
Study Committee, Lubricants
Study Committee, Fuel Distribution and Storage
Study Committee, Oil and Oil Product Transportation (Pipelines)
Study Committee, Ethanol
Study Committee, Biodiesel
Study Committee, Marine Fuels
Special Study Committee, Sugarcane Bagasse
Study Committee, Gas Fuels

If you are interested in joining an IBP technical committee, please contact Relationship Management.