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IBP works with members and experts to develop policies and guidance covering all sectors and requirements of the oil, gas and biofuels industry. Read below about our activities, advocacy, initiatives and priorities for each of our areas of focus.

Technology & Innovation

The IBP Technology & Innovation division’s mission is to foster research, development and innovation (RD&I), creating a bridge between technological challenges and the industry needs with thinkers, helping to create a regulatory scenario equivalent to the industry development and to prepare the industry to the new digital transformation context.

Our work is focused on supporting research, technical development and innovation in products and services and helping members to expand their RD&I activities. The Technology & Innovation Division also assesses RD&I funding and tax incentive mechanisms and proposes adjustments as necessary, and provides information on funding, technological development, laboratory infrastructure and training resources.


Industry 4.0

IBP participates in the debate about the industry 4.0 topic applied to the oil and gas sector, one of the main topics of the Instrumentation and Automation, Information Technology and Digital Transformation committees. As a result of these discussions, IBP transforms this knowledge into articles, courses and events available to the entire community interested in this subject.


Technological Radar

Developed in partnership with Lloyd’s, the Technological Radar intends to map the technology and innovation context in Brazil focusing in oil and gas sector. As a result of RD&I clause, current at O&G exploration and production contracts, the operating companies have the obligation to invest 1% of its fields revenue in Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) in the country. That establishes a special and differentiated aspect of the Brazilian RD&I ecosystem, and for this reason, IBP sought this partnership with Lloyd’s in 2016 and 2018 to study the subject.

The 2016 edition displayed a study with more than 240 companies active in the sector related to the process of innovation and the use of new technologies. The document was presented at the opening of the Technology Arena, during 2016 Rio Oil & Gas.

In the 2017 edition, the research demonstrated the technology and innovation investments results and the panorama of challenges and perspectives for companies when investing in new sources of energy. The document was presented at O&G TechWeek, during 2018 Rio Oil & Gas.


  Technological Radar 2018Technological Radar 2016
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Created in 2016, O&G TechWeek is the main digital transformation and its impacts at oil and gas industry forum in the scenario of technological and innovation challenges and trends.


StartUps Activities

The startups – a multidisciplinary company that develops innovative products or services, with high potential growth, looking for a repeatable and scalable, technology-based business model without a proportional increase in costs – are responsible for the revolution in services and products in many segments of the industry. In oil and gas sector, these companies can deliver technological and innovation solutions to the current challenges of the sector.

IBP promotes and stimulates startups attendance in events and debates to endorse discussions with the major players of the industry.

Startups that already work in the O&G sector can be part of IBP membership and join in the institute’s technical committees.



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If you are interested in joining an IBP technical committee, please contact Relationship Management.