Exploration & Production

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IBP works with members and experts to develop policies and guidance covering all sectors and requirements of the oil, gas and biofuels industry. Read below about our activities, advocacy, initiatives and priorities for each of our areas of focus.

Exploration & Production

One of IBP’s primary focus areas is Exploration & Production (E&P) – the first link in the oil value chain, where everything begins.

We actively engage in regulatory, tax, environmental, supply chain and other issues surrounding E&P activities through boards and committees composed of member executives and IBP staff.

IBP also participates in public meetings with government agencies, regulators, operators and manufacturers’ associations. We engage in advocacy which aims to optimize return on investment and attract foreign businesses and capital.

Approximately 90 domestic and foreign companies currently operate in Brazil’s E&P sector. As the most investment-intensive sector in the industry, E&P also cascades significant wealth across the broader supply chain. E&P is forecast by the Brazilian Development Bank to directly and indirectly account for 13% of GDP and 55% of industrial investment during the period 2015-2018.

To attract further investment and enhance social and economic benefits, IBP advocates regulatory developments and improvements such as more efficient environmental licensing processes.
In local content, IBP advocates simpler regulation and a greater focus on priority sectors of the supply chain, as well as the abolition of fines for failure to meet local content requirements, which stifle investment and Brazil’s ability to attract foreign players.

Local Content

IBP has recently developed local content policy proposals designed to simplify and prioritize strategic sectors with the capability to produce world-class products and services.

In addition, IBP has advocated that the Brazilian oil & gas and biofuels regulator (ANP) establish a long-term calendar for new exploration auctions. Without the stimulus from the auctions, there is a risk that investments in the supply chain will wane.


In the environmental dimension, IBP has concluded a Technical Cooperation Agreement with the Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA) for the delivery of 12 projects to streamline environmental impact assessments and the environmental management of operations in the industry.

Completed projects include a Shoreline Cleanup and Protection program to identify stretches of shoreline requiring protection, recommend shoreline protection and cleanup strategies and create a database of geo-referenced information to be used as a guide in the event of an emergency. IBP has also published an Environmental Risk Assessment Handbook with information to support the environmental licensing process.


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If you are interested in joining a committee under the IBP E&P Executive Office, please contact the E&P Division.