The optimism feeling of oil and gas industry in defiance of 2019 challenges was the focus of the first integration meeting for new IBP associated members, held on May 20th, at IBP headquarters, in Rio de Janeiro. At the event, the IBP general secretary, Milton Costa Filho and the E&P executive secretary, Antonio Guimarães, displayed […]

Primeiro ano do Repetro-Sped é tema de debate na Firjan

Last modified in May 29, 2019

The Industry´s Agenda, a document that groups the main topics of oil and gas sector for the 2019-2022 term, was released to authorities, government agents and representatives of industry, in an exclusive event organized by the Brazilian Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels Institute – IBP and Poder 360, at April 16th, in Brasilia. The Minister of […]

The Minister of Mines and Energy, Bento Albuquerque and the president of IBP, José Firmo, joined the Seminário Oportunidades na Indústria de Óleo e Gás (Opportunities in the O&G industry Seminar) to discuss the relevance of the opening of the natural gas market and market practices in fuel price formation. The event promoted by the […]

Agenda da Indústria 2019

Last modified in May 3, 2019

Acordo Fechado

Last modified in April 12, 2019