Develop a successful career could be a challenge, especially to young people who are starting their careers in the job market. The continuous digital transformation that has been changing markets also contributes to worsen that challenge. Thinking in the future of those students and in career opportunities that oil and gas industry can offer, the […]

Leader’s Dinner

Last modified in September 21, 2018
What are the next steps to power your career and to become more successful? Have you ever thought about gathering with the main leaders of the energy industry to share ideas and knowledge on industry’s pathways in an innovative and dynamic environment? It is real deal! The IBP Youth Committee brings to the table the […]

Profissional do Futuro 2017

Last modified in October 4, 2017

Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential elections may directly affect the world energy matrix. With a more conservative view on oil, the new US president must restrain the growth of renewable energy sources and interfere in the supply of natural gas throughout Europe, due to its relationship with Russia. That is the point of […]

Evento quer motivar profissionais do petróleo

Last modified in October 18, 2016

What young people from several countries around the globe, with different ages, cultures, religions and backgrounds, could have in common? The reason gathering them is the organization of the fifth edition of WPC Future Leaders Forum, which lands in Brazil this year bringing debates about leadership, sustainability, technological trends, career and other relevant topics in […]