Eólicas Offshore e o Setor de Óleo e Gás

Last modified in February 15, 2023

OTC Brasil 2023 opens call for papers

Last modified in November 22, 2022
One of the leading initiatives for the offshore segment in the world, OTC Brasil 2023 is receiving technical papers for its congress through March 7. Organized by the IBP and the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), the event will be held between October 24 and 26, 2023, at Expomag, in Rio de Janeiro. In this first […]

OTC Brasil 2023

Last modified in November 8, 2022

Degrau por degrau

Last modified in March 8, 2022

O Futuro da Logística Offshore

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Workshop Promar

Last modified in April 1, 2021