Associated Members

In over 63 years, IBP believes the gathering of all oil, gas and biofuels industry’s players will impulse and strengthen new solutions, products and services development bringing innovation and efficiency. Altogether, our associated members help us to build a dynamic environment of networking, knowledge and expertise exchange, boosting business opportunities and the relationship of several stakeholders. Discover companies which already are part of the Home to Our Industry.

Maintaining MembersABDIB
Maintaining MembersBraskem
Maintaining MembersChevron Brasil Petróleo Ltda
Maintaining MembersCompanhia Ultragaz S.A.
Maintaining MembersIpiranga Produtos de Petróleo S.A.
Maintaining MembersEnauta
Maintaining MembersPetrobras – Petróleo Brasileiro S.A.
Maintaining MembersPetrobras Distribuidora S.A.
Maintaining MembersRaízen Combustíveis
Maintaining MembersRepsol Sinopec
Maintaining MembersShell Brasil Petróleo Ltda
Maintaining MembersSupergasbras Energia Ltda
Industry MembersAker Solutions
Industry MembersAltera Infrastructure
Industry MembersAspen Offshore LTDA
Industry MembersBaker Hughes do Brasil Ltda
Industry MembersBarra Energia
Industry MembersBHP Billiton | Petroleum & Potash
Industry MembersBRAM Offshore
Industry MembersBP Energy do Brasil Ltda
Industry MembersBW Offshore do Brasil
Industry MembersBW Energy
Industry MembersCEPSA Óleo e Gás do Brasil Ltda
Industry MembersChampion Technologies Brasil
Industry MembersChariot Brasil Petróleo e Gás Ltda
Industry MembersCOMGÁS – Companhia de Gás de São Paulo
Industry MembersConstellation
Industry Members

CNODC Brasil Petróleo e Gás Ltda

Industry MembersCNOOC Petroleum Brasil
Industry MembersDEA Petróleo e Gás do Brasil
Industry MembersEcopetrol Óleo e Gás do Brasil Ltda
Industry MembersEneva S.A.
Industry MembersENGIE
Industry MembersEquinor
Industry MembersEstaleiros do Brasil
Industry MembersExpro do Brasil Serviços
Industry MembersExxonMobil Exploração
Industry MembersExterran
Industry Members


Industry MembersGás Natural do Açú
Industry MembersGolar Power Latam Participações e Comércio LTDA
Industry MembersHalliburton Serviços LTDA
Industry MembersHelix Energy Solutions
Industry Members

IBV Brasil Petróleo

Industry MembersIGNIS
Industry MembersINPEX Petróleo Santos Ltda
Industry MembersIntel Semicondutores do Brasil
Industry MembersInternational Testing Pipelines
Industry MembersIon Geo
Industry MembersKaroon Petróleo e Gás S.A.
Industry Members

Marlim Azul Energia

Industry MembersMcdermott Serviços Offshore do Brasil Ltda
Industry MembersMISC BERHAD
Industry MembersModec
Industry MembersMurphy Oil Corporation
Industry MembersNaturgy
Industry MembersNova Transportadora do Sudeste S.A – NTS
Industry Members


Industry MembersOdebrecht Óleo e Gás LTDA
Industry MembersPerenco Petróleo e Gás do Brasil
Industry MembersPetrobras Transporte
Industry MembersPetrogal Brasil S.A.
Industry MembersPetroRecôncavo S.A.
Industry MembersPetroRio
Industry MembersPremier Oil do Brasil Petróleo e Gás Ltda
Industry MembersProtego
Industry MembersQatar Petroleum
Industry MembersRosneft
Industry MembersSaipem do Brasil Serviços de Petróleo Ltda
Industry MembersSapura Navegação Marítima
Industry MembersSBM Offshore
Industry MembersSchlumberger Serviços de Petróleo Ltda
Industry MembersServiços de Petróleo Constellation
Industry MembersSINOCHEM Petróleo Brasil LTDA
Industry MembersSubsea 7
Industry MembersTechnipFMC
Industry MembersTepor
Industry MembersTotal E&P do Brasil Ltda
Industry MembersTransportadora Brasileira Gasoduto Bolívia Brasil S.A. – TBG
Industry MembersTransocean Brasil Ltda
Industry MembersTrident Energy do Brasil
Industry MembersV.Ships Brasil S.A.
Industry MembersWintershall do Brasil Serviços Ltda
Industry MembersWeatherford Ind e Com Ltda
Collaborating Members4 Subsea
Collaborating MembersABS Group Services do Brasil Ltda
Collaborating MembersAccenture
Collaborating MembersAeróleo Taxi Aéreo S.A.
Collaborating MembersAfton Chemical Indústria de Aditivos Ltda
Collaborating MembersaLBriggs
Collaborating MembersAlvarez & Marsal Consultoria em Engenharia
Collaborating MembersAmerican Bureau of Shipping – ABS
Collaborating MembersAmetek do Brasil
Collaborating MembersApolo Tubulars
Collaborating MembersASA BRASIL
Collaborating MembersAtech – Negócios em Tecnologias
Collaborating MembersBarbosa, Mussnich & Aragão Advogados
Collaborating MembersBASF
Collaborating MembersBecomex Consultoria
Collaborating MembersBetunel Indústria e Comércio Ltda
Collaborating MembersB&T Corretora de Câmbio
Collaborating MembersBoston Consulting Group
Collaborating MembersBrasquímica
Collaborating MembersCampos Mello, Pontes, Vinci & Schiller Advogados
Collaborating MembersCastrol Brasil Ltda
Collaborating MembersCattalini Terminais Marítimos
Collaborating MembersCBB Indústria e Comércio de Asfaltos e Engenharia Ltda
Collaborating MembersCBAA Asfaltos
Collaborating MembersChevron Oronite
Collaborating MembersCobra Brasil
Collaborating MembersCoelho & Vasques Advogados
Collaborating MembersCompanhia de Gás da Bahia – BAHIAGÁS
Collaborating MembersConfab Industrial S.A.
Collaborating MembersCosan Lubrificantes e Especialidades S.A
Collaborating MembersCosta do Sol Operadora Aeroportuária S/A
Collaborating MembersCPFL
Collaborating MembersDassault Systemes do Brasil
Collaborating MembersDeloitte Touche Tohmatsu Auditores Independentes
Collaborating MembersDeten Química S.A.
Collaborating MembersDiretriz Solutions Consultoria
Collaborating MembersDomingues e Pinho Contadores
Collaborating MembersDynatest Engenharia
Collaborating MembersEloGroup
Collaborating MembersERM Brasil Ltda
Collaborating MembersEY
Collaborating MembersFaveret Lampert
Collaborating MembersFelsberg Advogados
Collaborating MembersFluor
Collaborating MembersFramo do Brasil Ltda
Collaborating MembersGeohub Processamento e Gerência de Dados Ltda
Collaborating MembersGeopost Energy
Collaborating MembersGreca Distribuidora de Asfaltos Ltda
Collaborating MembersGaia Importação, Exportação e Serviço LTDA
Collaborating MembersHelibras
Collaborating MembersHilti
Collaborating MembersHoneywell do Brasil Ltda
Collaborating MembersIconic Lubrificantes
Collaborating MembersIKM Testing Brasil
Collaborating MembersIMCD Brasil
Collaborating MembersInfotec Consultoria e Planejamento
Collaborating MembersIngrax Ind. Com. Graxas Ltda
Collaborating MembersIntelie Soluções em Informática
Collaborating MembersITP Brasil
Collaborating MembersKongsberg
Collaborating MembersKPMG Auditores Independentes
Collaborating MembersLefosse Advogados
Collaborating MembersLeser Válvulas de Segurança
Collaborating MembersLickys Advogados
Collaborating MembersLiquigás Distribuidora S.A.
Collaborating MembersLloyd’s Register do Brasil Ltda
Collaborating MembersLubrizol do Brasil Aditivos Ltda
Collaborating MembersMAN Diesel & Turbo Brasil Ltda.
Collaborating MembersMattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr. e Quiroga Advogados
Collaborating MembersMendes Vianna Advogados Associados
Collaborating MembersMitsui & Co (Brasil) S.A.
Collaborating MembersMOL Brasil Ltda
Collaborating MembersMSA do Brasil Equipamentos e Instrumentos de Segurança
Collaborating MembersMTS Sistemas Brasil
Collaborating MembersMoove
Collaborating MembersNacional Gás Butano Distribuidora LTDA
Collaborating MembersNTA – Novas Técnicas de Asfaltos
Collaborating MembersOceanpact Serviços Marítimos
Collaborating MembersOMNI Taxi Aereo
Collaborating MembersOxiteno S/A
Collaborating MembersPetronas
Collaborating MembersPetronect
Collaborating MembersPinheiro Neto – Advogados
Collaborating MembersPromax Produtos Máximos S.A. Ind e Com
Collaborating MembersPromon Engenharia Ltda
Collaborating MembersProtego
Collaborating MembersPorto do Açu
Collaborating MembersPrysmian Surflex Umbilicais e Tubos Flexíveis do Brasil Ltda
Collaborating MembersRadix Engenharia e Desenvolvimento de Software
Collaborating MembersRamboll Brasil Engenharia e Consultoria Ambiental
Collaborating MembersRhodia Poliamida e Especialidades
Collaborating MembersRSM Brasil
Collaborating Members

R2V2 Consultoria e Assessoria em Petróleo e Gás

Collaborating MembersSaybolt Inspeções Técnicas
Collaborating MembersSeal For Life
Collaborating MembersSenai Cimatec
Collaborating MembersSenai Nacional
Collaborating MembersS&P Global Informações do Brasil
Collaborating MembersSinergas GNV do Brasil
Collaborating MembersSpeedCast
Collaborating MembersStrack
Collaborating MembersStratura Asfaltos S.A.
Collaborating MembersSiemens
Collaborating MembersSouto Correa Advogados
Collaborating MembersTauil & Chequer Advogados
Collaborating MembersTecnoil
Collaborating MembersTradener Ltda
Collaborating MembersTrench Rossi e Watanabe Advogados
Collaborating MembersUBE Latin America
Collaborating MembersUTC Engenharia S.A.
Collaborating MembersVallourec Soluções Tubulares do Brasil S.A
Collaborating MembersVanasa Multigas
Collaborating MembersVeirano e Advogados Associados
Collaborating MembersVersatus Soluções e Suporte em Redes e Computação de Alta Performance
Collaborating MembersVitol (Brasil) LTDA
Collaborating MembersVix Logística
Collaborating MembersWEG Equipamentos Elétricos S.A.
Collaborating MembersWilson Sons Administração e Comércio
Collaborating Members

Associated Members

Institutional PartnersAssociação Brasileira de Análise de Risco, Segurança de Processo e Confiabilidade – ABRISCO
Institutional PartnersAssociação Brasileira de Corrosão – ABRACO
Institutional PartnersAssociação Brasileira das Empresas de Serviços de Petróleo – ABESPetro
Institutional PartnersAssociação Brasileira de Engenharia e Ciências Mecânicas – ABCM
Institutional PartnersAssociação Brasileira de Ensaios Não Destrutivos e Inspeção – Abendi
Institutional PartnersAssociação Brasileira de Manutenção e Gestão de Ativos – ABRAMAN
Institutional PartnersU.S Business Council
Institutional PartnersCâmara de Comércio Brasil-Canadá
Institutional PartnersCâmara Brasil-Rússia de Comércio Indústria e Turismo
Institutional PartnersCâmara Britânica de Comércio e Indústria no Brasil – Britcham
Institutional PartnersCamâra de Comércio Holando-Brasil – Dutcham
Institutional PartnersCâmara de Comércio e Indústria Brasil-Alemanha – AHK
Institutional PartnersCâmara Ítalo-Brasileira de Comércio e Indústria
Institutional PartnersCentro de Pesquisas de Energia Elétrica – Cepel
Institutional PartnersCentro de Tecnologia em Dutos – CTDUT
Institutional PartnersEnergy Industries Council
Institutional PartnersFundação Brasileira de Tecnologia da Soldagem – FBTS
Institutional PartnersIADC
Institutional PartnersInternational Marine Contractors Association – IMCA
Institutional PartnersInstituto Eldorado
Institutional PartnersNOF Energy
Institutional PartnersNorwegian Brazilian Chamber of Commerce – NBCC
Institutional PartnersNorwegian Energy Partners – Norwep
Institutional PartnersRio Convention e Visitors Bureau