Associated Members

In over 63 years, IBP believes the gathering of all oil, gas and biofuels industry’s players will impulse and strengthen new solutions, products and services development bringing innovation and efficiency. Altogether, our associated members help us to build a dynamic environment of networking, knowledge and expertise exchange, boosting business opportunities and the relationship of several stakeholders. Discover companies which already are part of IBP!

Maintaining MembersABDIB
Maintaining MembersBraskem
Maintaining MembersChevron Brasil Petróleo Ltda
Maintaining MembersCompanhia Ultragaz S.A.
Maintaining MembersEnauta
Maintaining MembersInstituto Brasileiro de Petróleo e Gás
Maintaining MembersIpiranga Produtos de Petróleo S.A.
Maintaining MembersPetrobras – Petróleo Brasileiro S.A.
Maintaining MembersRaízen Combustíveis
Maintaining MembersRepsol Sinopec
Maintaining MembersShell Brasil Petróleo Ltda
Maintaining MembersSupergasbras Energia Ltda
Maintaining MembersVibra Energia
Industry Members3R Petroleum
Industry MembersAcelen
Industry MembersAltera do Brasil Serviços Marítimos
Industry MembersAker Solutions
Industry MembersBahiagás
Industry MembersBaker Hughes do Brasil Ltda
Industry MembersBP Energy do Brasil Ltda
Industry MembersBRAM Offshore
Industry MembersBW Energy
Industry MembersCarmo Energy
Industry MembersCBO Holding
Industry MembersCGG do Brasil Participações Ltda.
Industry MembersChampion Technologies Brasil
Industry MembersCOMGÁS – Companhia de Gás de São Paulo
Industry MembersConstellation
Industry MembersCOMPASS
Industry MembersCNODC Brasil Petróleo e Gás Ltda
Industry MembersCNOOC Petroleum Brasil
Industry MembersCopa Energia
Industry MembersDbragás
Industry MembersDOF
Industry MembersEcopetrol Óleo e Gás do Brasil Ltda
Industry MembersEquinor
Industry MembersExpro do Brasil Serviços
Industry MembersExcelerate Energy
Industry MembersExxonMobil Exploração
Industry MembersFluxys Brasil
Industry MembersForesea
Industry MembersGás Natural do Açú
Industry MembersGeogas Serviços de Óleo e Gás
Industry MembersHalliburton Serviços LTDA
Industry MembersHelix Energy Solutions
Industry MembersLogum Logistica S/A
Industry MembersIngevity Quimica Ltda
Industry MembersINPEX Petróleo Santos Ltda
Industry MembersKaroon Petróleo e Gás S.A.
Industry Members

Marlim Azul Energia

Industry MembersMcdermott Serviços Offshore do Brasil Ltda
Industry MembersMISC BERHAD
Industry MembersModec
Industry MembersNaturgy
Industry MembersMurphy Oil Corporation
Industry MembersNova Transportadora do Sudeste S.A – NTS
Industry MembersOCEANEERING
Industry MembersOdebrecht Óleo e Gás LTDA
Industry MembersOceanpact Navegação
Industry MembersOrigem Energia
Industry MembersPerenco Petróleo e Gás do Brasil
Industry MembersPetrogal Brasil S.A.
Industry MembersPetronas Petróleo Brasil
Industry MembersPetroRecôncavo S.A.
Industry MembersPetroRio
Industry MembersQatar Petroleum
Industry MembersRefinaria de Petróleo Rio Grangrandense
Industry MembersSaipem do Brasil Serviços de Petróleo Ltda
Industry MembersSBM Offshore
Industry MembersSchlumberger Serviços de Petróleo Ltda
Industry MembersSINOCHEM Petróleo Brasil LTDA
Industry MembersSubsea 7
Industry MembersSuperior Enegy
Industry MembersTAG
Industry MembersTechint Engenharia e Construção
Industry MembersTechnipFMC
Industry MembersTGS
Industry MembersTotal E&P do Brasil Ltda
Industry MembersTranspetro
Industry MembersTradener (Barra Bonita Óleo e Gás)
Industry MembersTransportadora Brasileira Gasoduto Bolívia Brasil S.A. – TBG
Industry MembersTransocean Brasil Ltda
Industry MembersTrident Energy do Brasil
Industry MembersWeatherford
Industry MembersYinson Brasil Serviços
Non-Industry Members4 Subsea
Non-Industry MembersABB Automação
Non-Industry MembersABC Drives Automação Industrial
Non-Industry MembersAccenture
Non-Industry MembersAfton Chemical Indústria de Aditivos Ltda
Non-Industry MembersaLBriggs
Non-Industry MembersAll facilities
Non-Industry MembersAltave
Non-Industry MembersAltus Sistemas de Automação
Non-Industry MembersAmbipar Response Tank Cleaning
Non-Industry MembersAmerican Bureau of Shipping – ABS
Non-Industry MembersAmspec Brasil Inspeções Técnicas
Non-Industry MembersBarbosa, Mussnich & Aragão Advogados
Non-Industry MembersBarlovento
Non-Industry MembersBarral Parente e Pinheiro Advogados
Non-Industry MembersBetunel Indústria e Comércio Ltda
Non-Industry MembersB&T Corretora de Câmbio
Non-Industry MembersBoston Consulting Group
Non-Industry MembersBrasquímica
Non-Industry MembersBR MED
Non-Industry MembersAeróleo Taxi Aéreo S.A.
Non-Industry MembersCampos Mello, Pontes, Vinci & Schiller Advogados
Non-Industry MembersCasa Offshore
Non-Industry MembersCAPCO
Non-Industry MembersCastrol Brasil Ltda
Non-Industry MembersCattalini Terminais Marítimos
Non-Industry MembersCBAA Asfaltos
Non-Industry MembersCBB Indústria e Comércio de Asfaltos e Engenharia Ltda
Non-Industry MembersCEBR
Non-Industry MembersChevron Oronite
Non-Industry MembersCLS BRASIL
Non-Industry MembersConfab Industrial S.A.
Non-Industry MembersConvergint
Non-Industry MembersCosan Lubrificantes e Especialidades S.A
Non-Industry MembersCPFL Soluções
Non-Industry MembersDeloitte Touche Tohmatsu Auditores Independentes
Non-Industry MembersDeten Química S.A.
Non-Industry MembersDNV
Non-Industry MembersDomingues e Pinho Consultores
Non-Industry Membersdss Sustainable Solutions do Brasil
Non-Industry MembersDynatest Engenharia
Non-Industry MembersEcopart Assessoria em Negócios Empresariais
Non-Industry MembersEloGroup
Non-Industry MembersEngineering Simulation and Scientific Software
Non-Industry MembersERM Brasil Ltda
Non-Industry MembersEY
Non-Industry MembersFaveret, Tepedino, Londres & Fraga Advogados
Non-Industry MembersFalconi Consultores
Non-Industry MembersFramo do Brasil Ltda
Non-Industry MembersGALCORR
Non-Industry MembersGreca Distribuidora de Asfaltos Ltda
Non-Industry MembersGrupo Bravante
Non-Industry MembersHoneywell do Brasil Ltda
Non-Industry MembersIconic Lubrificantes
Non-Industry MembersIKM Testing Brasil
Non-Industry MembersInfineum Brasil
Non-Industry MembersInfotec Consultoria e Planejamento
Non-Industry MembersIngevity Quimica Ltda
Non-Industry MembersIngrax Ind. Com. Graxas Ltda
Non-Industry MembersInstituto SENAI de Inovação e Energias Renováveis – ISI-ER
Non-Industry MembersIntelie Soluções em Informática
Non-Industry MembersIntero Integrity
Non-Industry MembersKincaid Mendes Vianna Advogados
Non-Industry MembersKPMG Auditores Independentes
Non-Industry MembersLeal Cotrim Jansen Advogados
Non-Industry MembersLefosse Advogados
Non-Industry MembersLRQA do Brasil
Non-Industry MembersLubrizol do Brasil Aditivos Ltda
Non-Industry MembersLwart Soluções Ambientais
Non-Industry MembersKongsberg
Non-Industry MembersMAN Energy Solutions
Non-Industry MembersManeira Advogados
Non-Industry MembersMattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr. e Quiroga Advogados
Non-Industry MembersMartinelli Advogados
Non-Industry MembersMOL Brasil Ltda
Non-Industry MembersMSA do Brasil Equipamentos e Instrumentos de Segurança
Non-Industry MembersMubadala Consultoria Financeira e Gestora de Recursos
Non-Industry MembersNacional Gás Butano Distribuidora LTDA
Non-Industry MembersNeoenergia
Non-Industry MembersNeolubes Indústria de Lubrificantes (Raízen Lubrificantes)
Non-Industry MembersNSG
Non-Industry MembersNokia Solutions and Networks do Brasil
Non-Industry MembersOffshore Link Sat (OLS)
Non-Industry MembersOxiteno S/A
Non-Industry MembersPek Technologies
Non-Industry MembersPetronas
Non-Industry MembersPinheiro Neto – Advogados
Non-Industry MembersPorto Sudeste
Non-Industry MembersPosidonia Shipping and Trading
Non-Industry MembersPromax Produtos Máximos S.A. Ind e Com
Non-Industry MembersPromon Engenharia Ltda
Non-Industry MembersProtego Brasil
Non-Industry MembersPrumo Logística
Non-Industry MembersRadix Engenharia e Desenvolvimento de Software
Non-Industry MembersRelyOn Nutec Brasil
Non-Industry MembersRhodia Poliamida e Especialidades
Non-Industry MembersRossi, Maffini, Milman & Grando Advogados
Non-Industry MembersSalomão, Kaiuca, Abrahão, Raposo & Cotta Advogados
Non-Industry MembersSchmidt, Valois, Miranda, Ferreira e Agel Advogados
Non-Industry MembersSchneider Eletric Brasil Automação de Processos
Non-Industry MembersSenai Nacional
Non-Industry MembersSpeedCast
Non-Industry MembersStratura Asfaltos S.A.
Non-Industry MembersSiemens Energy
Non-Industry MembersSiemens Infraestrutura e Industria
Non-Industry MembersSonda
Non-Industry MembersTauil & Chequer Advogados
Non-Industry MembersT&T Sistemi Brasil
Non-Industry MembersTCS (Tata Consultancy Services)
Non-Industry MembersTechbaum
Non-Industry MembersTecnoil
Non-Industry MembersTrench Rossi e Watanabe Advogados
Non-Industry MembersTriunfo Logística
Non-Industry MembersUBE Latin America
Non-Industry MembersUHY Bendoraytes & Cia
Non-Industry MembersUBS BB Investment Bank
Non-Industry MembersUltracargo
Non-Industry MembersVallourec Soluções Tubulares do Brasil S.A
Non-Industry MembersVanasa Multigas
Non-Industry MembersVitol (Brasil) LTDA
Non-Industry MembersWEG Equipamentos Elétricos S.A.
Non-Industry MembersWilson Sons Administração e Comércio
Non-Industry MembersWSP Consultoria e Projetos do Brasil
Non-Industry MembersWood
Entidades AssociadasAssociação Brasileira de Engenharia Automotiva – AEA
Entidades AssociadasAssociação Brasileira de Análise de Risco, Segurança de Processo e Confiabilidade – ABRISCO
Entidades AssociadasAssociação Brasileira de Corrosão – ABRACO
Entidades AssociadasAssociação Brasileira das Empresas de Serviços de Petróleo – ABESPetro
Entidades AssociadasAssociação Brasileira de Engenharia e Ciências Mecânicas – ABCM
Entidades AssociadasAssociação Brasileira de Ensaios Não Destrutivos e Inspeção – Abendi
Entidades AssociadasAssociação Brasileira de Manutenção e Gestão de Ativos – ABRAMAN
Entidades AssociadasAssociation for Materials Protection and Performance – AMPP
Entidades AssociadasCentro de Tecnologia em Dutos – CTDUT
Entidades AssociadasCESAR
Entidades AssociadasEnergy C
Entidades AssociadasInstituto de Pesquisas Eldorado
Entidades AssociadasFundação Brasileira de Tecnologia da Soldagem – FBTS
Entidades AssociadasPacto de Promoção da Equidade Racial
Entidades AssociadasSINDTRR

ProfissionalAngela Uller
ProfissionalArmando de Azevedo Henriques
ProfissionalBernardo Zica Vianna
ProfissionalCandido Cardoso
ProfissionalCarlos Sezinio de Santa Rosa
ProfissionalCesar Dias Ramos
ProfissionalClaudio Makarovsky
ProfissionalCristiano Gadelha Vidal Campelo
ProfissionalCristina Lucia Duarte Pinho
ProfissionalDelma Quintalha Vianna
ProfissionalDenise Medina
ProfissionalDeyson Marcelo Rothen
ProfissionalDuperron Marangon Ribeiro
ProfissionalEduardo Botelho Kiralyhegy
ProfissionalEduardo Oliveira de Melo
ProfissionalEdinaldo Damascena de Souza
ProfissionalEvando Ferreira Bartholazzi
ProfissionalEverson Pinheiro
ProfissionalFelipe Santos
ProfissionalFernando Cariola Travassos
ProfissionalFernando Rezende Andrade
ProfissionalFrederico de Azevedo Maia
ProfissionalGustavo Flausino Coelho
ProfissionalJosé Lima de Andrade Neto
ProfissionalJosimar Moreira
ProfissionalJulio Castro Resende
ProfissionalKleyson de Carvalho Teixeira
ProfissionalLauro Valdir de Souza
ProfissionalLideniro Alegre
ProfissionalLuis Carlos Pasquale Rosa
ProfissionalLuiz Cláudio Silva Allemand
ProfissionalManoel Honorato da Silva
ProfissionalMarco Antônio Gomes de Lima
ProfissionalNathan de Medeiros
ProfissionalNelson José Guitti Guimarães
ProfissionalNewton Reis Monteiro
ProfissionalRafael Augusto Pinto
ProfissionalRaimar Van Den Bylaardt
ProfissionalRicardo Pereira Guimarães
ProfissionalRodrigo Marcussi Fiatikoski
ProfissionalRogério Almeida Manso da Costa Reis
ProfissionalRogério Von Sydow Fábrega Loureiro
ProfissionalRômulo Barroso da Silva
ProfissionalTeofilo Antonio de Sousa
ProfissionalThiago de Sá Greinert
ProfissionalValeria Tiriba Appi
ProfissionalAna Serrano Oñate
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