The optimism feeling of oil and gas industry in defiance of 2019 challenges was the focus of the first integration meeting for new IBP associated members, held on May 20th, at IBP headquarters, in Rio de Janeiro. At the event, the IBP general secretary, Milton Costa Filho and the E&P executive secretary, Antonio Guimarães, displayed a landscape of Brazilian oil and gas sector, and how IBP fulfills its role as institutional representative for the oil and gas sector.

According to Milton Costa Filho, the promise of new bid rounds and new projects led the industry to develop a long term vision, and companies to invest in development.  “We will have a lot of opportunities in the next two decades. And I share this optimism due to what we hear here in IBP. This networking promoted by IBP is interesting, many associated members from different areas. And this is one advantage of joining IBP”, affirmed.

Planning is the main question operators, suppliers and service providers need to think about, according to Antonio Guimarães, IBP E&P executive secretary. “The main opportunity for us is to think about planning, the tasks for all of us is being ready for the future that’s coming. The opportunities are available. It’s our duty do it altogether”, concluded Guimarães.

For Ricardo Oheb, from MSA Recursos Humanos, IBP association represents an active participation and proximity of oil industry at this moment of economic recovery. “We understand we can’t be far from oil and gas industry. This space for networking is interesting. We believe we will learn, and also contribute to the sector”, explained

The welcome event was attended by representatives from associated companies Asas – Agencia de Soluções Ambientais e Sociais, DNV – GL, Lefosse Advogados, Misc Berhad, MSA Recursos Humanos, Petronect, SpeedCast, Tauil & Chequer Advogados Associados, UTC Engenharia and V. Ships Brasil.

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