Be a part of the industry that is boosting Brazil’s development

63 years of industry expertise are behind our active support for the development of Brazil’s oil and gas industry. IBP works to reconcile interests, expand opportunities and revitalize industrial capabilities. IBP members are part of this knowledge-building value chain and are benefited by our capabilities and services.


Learn on the membership categories that will bring together companies with the same interests. IBP will inform in the beginning of the membership process, according to the segment that company is acting in.

  • Maintaining Members

    Entities that have contributed to the IBP Fund.

  • Industry Members

    Companies largely or exclusively operating in the oil and gas industry.

  • Collaborating Members

    Service providers, consultants and suppliers serving different segments across the oil and gas industry.

  • Professionals

    Active or retired professionals who have pursued a career in the oil industry or allied industries for at least one year

  • Students

    Undergraduate and graduate students (less than 30 years old) in oil industry-related careers.

  • Institutional Partners

    Nonprofit institutions, organizations, and universities providing subject matter support to the oil and gas industry.