Who we are

IBP: Home to our industry

Throughout more than 60 years of service as a non-profit organization, the Brazilian Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels Institute (IBP) has developed wide-ranging capabilities and responsibilities that have led it to become a recognized institutional representative for the oil and gas sector – Home to Our Industry. Our independent, non-partisan and transparent practices and efforts to forge collaboration among industry stakeholders have built credibility among businesses, society, and government.

IBP is headquartered in the center of Rio de Janeiro and has 100 employees. We also have a network of 1,250 volunteer experts who are active on technical committees. Our leadership team is executives from member companies who are also volunteers in driving the Institute’s efforts to foster a competitive, sustainable, ethical and socially responsible industry.

IBP works comprehensively across the oil, gas, and biofuels value chain in an open and democratic environment. We respect the differing opinions and thought, and work to reconcile interests to promote cooperation among industry players and their stakeholders and audiences.

In the technical domain, IBP expert committees are the basis of our intellectual capital. They provide inputs into publications, research, standards, and programs, and help to identify industry requirements to inform the organization of training programs and events. IBP provides a platform for experience sharing, knowledge building and collaboration among representatives from the different industry segments. Thought leadership in innovation, technology, management and sustainability practices in Brazil and around the world is regularly provided in conferences spanning every area of IBP, supporting the industry’s future vision.

In the regulatory and institutional domain, IBP speaks for the oil, gas and biofuels industry in forums and public meetings on industry regulation, taxation, and oversight. IBP’s essential role as a representative of the industry is widely recognized by regulators, the various levels of government and Congress.


Our Mission

Promote the development of a competitive, ethical and socially responsible oil, natural gas and biofuels industry.