Last Wednesday, 22, IBP held the first meeting of the Digital Transformation Council at its headquaters, in Rio de Janeiro. Conceived with the aim of ensuring a better alignment of the institute’s strategies with the needs of the industry, the committee will create guidelines and support the working groups of IBP’s Technology and Innovation Management – OT (operational technology) x IT (information technology) Convergence, Data, Ecosystems and Culture of Innovation.

“We brought people who do not necessarily live the daily life of the oil industry, but live the daily life of the digital transformation world in their veins,” André Clark, president of Siemens and chairman of the new committee, said. The group is comprised of professionals with an expanded outlook towards technology beyond the energy sector.

At the meeting, IBP’s secretary-general, Cristina Pinho, made a presentation on the economic potential and the relevance of the O&G industry for the country, the importance of technology for the sector, as well as the challenges of the segment in the context of digital transformation.

“Digital transformation has a very important role in the energy transition, in the fight against climate change”, Cristina defended. “I think that, as an environment of knowledge management and reflection, a think tank, it is our obligation to help this industry make this path in this smoother transition, and break some prejudices, which are still really strong in our industry”.

The council also defined a trimestrial frequency for the meetings and the priority topics for the 2020/2021 biennium: Telecom infrastructure and 5G technology; artificial intelligence, ethics, national security and cyber security; innovation and public policies; the future of work; decarbonization technologies; in addition to technology and operational security.

Adyr Tourinho, Brazil Oilfield Equipment Latam Vice-President of BHGE; Vanessa Costa, R&D portfolio manager at Repsol, representing Tamara Garcia, the company’s RD&I manager; Anderson Marinho, IT manager at Equinor; Raquel Miscow, assistant to the Digital Transformation board at Petrobras, representing Nicolas Simone, director of Digital Transformation and Innovation at the oil company; Nivio Ziviani, professor and researcher at UFMG; Adriana Moreira, IT manager at Shell; and Eduardo Ricotta, president of Ericsson Latam, also attended the meeting. Lisandro Gaertner, Commitees and Knowledge manager at IBP; and Melissa Fernandez, Technology and Innovation manager at IBP, integrated the group as well.

Cristina Palmaka, president of SAP; Tania Consentino, president of Microsoft; and Cleber Morais, director of Amazon Web Services Brasil, are also part of the board.