Mais tempo para relatórios de PD&I

Last modified in July 3, 2020

Last Wednesday, 22, IBP held the first meeting of the Digital Transformation Council at its headquaters, in Rio de Janeiro. Conceived with the aim of ensuring a better alignment of the institute’s strategies with the needs of the industry, the committee will create guidelines and support the working groups of IBP’s Technology and Innovation Management […]

Authors: Peter Howard Wertheim and Dayse Abrantes Technology advancement in recent years such as cloud computing, analytic and artificial intelligence have accelerated the pace of digitalization in oil and gas production. A key enabler for industry 4.0 (fourth industrial revolution) is “digital twin,” that is, exchange of digital data, access to virtual information of installations […]

[ARTICLE] New Technologies for Wells and Marine Operations

Last modified in November 12, 2019
Authors: Peter Howard Wertheim and Dayse Abrantes Some ten advanced technologies should bring positive influences such as Internet of things (IoT), now making inroads with liner operators, particularly for container tracking and reefer monitoring. Denmark’s Maersk Group is a sector leader. Sesam’s 3D technologies let you visually simulate, test and evaluate marine operations ahead of […]

[ARTICLE] Improving Safety in the Offshore Industry

Last modified in November 12, 2019
Authors: Peter Howard Wertheim and Dayse Abrantes Impacts of digital technology, challenging innovations being offered by automation and the use of new drilling technology include increased efficiency for health, safety and environment (HSE) such as indirect heating and well risk assessment, greatly benefitting employees. Operators are also seeking new logging-while drilling (LWD) tools that offer […]

Representantes da indústria, do governo e líderes da área de tecnologia debatem desafios de inovação no primeiro dia da O&G TechWeek   O diretor do Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia (INT), Fernando Rizzo, disse nesta segunda-feira (26), na primeira palestra da O&G TechWeek 2019, que o maior desafio do país na transição para a indústria 4.0 é […]