The O&G TechWeek 2019 fourth edition, the main technology event focused on the oil and gas sector that will be held on August 26th to 30th, at AQWA Corporate, in Rio de Janeiro, is open for registrations. The event is organized by IBP in partnership with the World Petroleum Council (WPC), a global organization dedicated to promote the sustainable management and use of the world’s petroleum resources for the benefit of all.

With the theme “The Impact of Digital Technologies on the Future of the Oil and Gas Industry”, the event will debate the challenges of supply of technologies, innovations and trends the O&G industry is facing in a context of digital transformation that the world experiences.

The discussions will be focused on the major impacts of digital transformation in O&G Industry, such as improving the efficiency in processes, increasing productivity and operational safety. The implementation of those changes will lead the O&G industry to reduce their costs, enhance operational performance and increase competitiveness.

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