The Board of Directors (BD) of the Brazilian Institute of Oil and Gas (IBP) confirmed on Tuesday (June 4), the appointment of Petrobras’ president, Magda Chambriard, to take over the presidency of the Institute’s board.

Magda was unanimously elected a member of the Board of Directors until the end of the current board tenure in March 2025. The new president has extensive and recognized expertise in the oil and gas industry. Her work alongside the other board members will greatly contribute to the IBP Board and the development of the oil and gas industry in the country.

“I am delighted to take over the presidency of the IBP Board of Directors, an institution that for 66 years has dedicated itself to advancing a competitive and sustainable industry. I will work hand in hand with the Board to find solutions to the challenges facing the oil and gas sector, in favor of the continuous development of our industry and committed to energy security,” said Magda Chambriard.