IBP and Deloitte discussed O&G industry innovation and competitiveness in an international workshop

Criado em : April 2, 2019 | Atualizado em : April 11, 2019

The role of technology and innovation as drivers to transform O&G industry was the topic of Deloitte-IBP Workshop, held on March 28, at IBP main office, in Rio de Janeiro. The meeting, exclusive to IBP Associated Members, brought together Deloitte executives, IBP president and secretary general and members of the main operating companies in Brazil to discuss how innovation can helps the development of a more competitive and sustainable O&G industry.

Larry Keeley, Deloitte innovation leader and Singularity University professor, presented the current scenario of innovation in the world, highlighting Brazil has a great potential to become an innovator country and IBP has a fundamental role to guide the oil and gas industry transformation process due to its mediator profile between industry and society. The consultant also explained some methodologies that add to innovation process and how they can be incorporated to IBP activities.

“Since there is a giant gap between the industry’s progress and what society expects and needs, IBP must have a deep agenda for innovation and be on the front line in trying to solve this problem. This is why innovation in IBP matters”, explained Larry.

The Deloitte-IBP Workshop is an initiative that belongs to ITC Rio: Industry Transformation Cycle, an event organized through a partnership between both companies, which integrates corporate leaders, government representatives, business and class associations and academics to discuss the entire transformation ecosystem that impacts companies and society.