Through its associates Total and Galp, IBP donates to Fiocruz program that will benefit the production of molecular and rapid tests


The Brazilian Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels Institute (IBP) is part of a partners’ network of the United Against Covid-19 program, of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz). Through its associated companies, Total and Galp (local Petrogal Brasil), the Institute will contribute with financial resources to strengthen the emergency fund that will support the production of molecular and rapid tests, the expansion of sample testing capacity and the realization of research related to the treatment of the disease.

By the platform, Fiocruz allows private and public organizations and individuals to donate to expand the actions to face the health emergency.

“This partnership between the oil and gas sector and a center of excellence in the health segment, such as the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, becomes essential when we need to join all efforts to ensure the well-being of our society. The IBP is making efforts to promote all possible support to fight this pandemic”, analyses Clarissa Lins, IBP president.

Learn about the main actions promoted by United Against COVID-19 movement:

Production of Diagnostic Kits: intended to supply the network of public laboratories across the country, part of the Unified Health System (SUS). With the increase in cases worldwide, Fiocruz is using its maximum capacity to produce tests, both molecular and rapid, and seeking partners and international suppliers in order to complement the offer of diagnostic kits to serve the Ministry of Health.

Patient care: construction of a rapid assembly hospital unit, with 200 exclusive beds for intensive and semi-intensive treatment for critically ill patients infected with the new coronavirus. The Covid-19 Pandemic Hospital Center – National Institute of Infectious Disease will promote the expansion of access to ICU beds and mechanical ventilation, in order to reduce the burden on the health system and, thus, the lethality of the disease.

Medicines: management, in Brazil, of the Solidarity clinical trial (Solidarity), launched by the World Health Organization (WHO). The initiative aims to investigate the effectiveness of four treatments for the new coronavirus implemented in 18 hospitals in 12 states, with support from the Ministry of Health.

Training: the qualification of public laboratories for the diagnosis of the new coronavirus is essential to face the pandemic. Since the beginning of the year, Fiocruz has been training professionals from the Central Public Health Laboratories (Lacens) in the country.

Neighboring communities: awareness-raising and distribution of inputs aimed at residents of the Manguinhos region, aiming to help to prevent and reduce the transmission of the new coronavirus.

Reliable communication: production of clear and secure information about the new coronavirus to disseminate quality data to society via the press, in addition to training journalists through thematic workshops and the production of videos and information materials for health professionals.