A topic on the Brazilian Congress on CO2 programme, a diversified matrix is the guarantee of energy supply


Brazil has a privileged position in the global energy scenario thanks to its diversified matrix with a solid predominance of renewable sources, classified as one of cleanest matrix in the world, what contributes for the reduction on CO2 emissions.

According to Elbia Gannoum, Executive Chair of ABEEólica (the Brazilian Wind Energy Association) and Brazilian Congress on CO2 speaker, the presence of wind energy at the matrix tends to grow due to being a non-CO2 emission source and it also has a low impact for setting up. In addition, wind energy has been seen as an answer to the matrix expansion need, considering that some renewable sources have limitations, such as hydro, for example.

Data from ABEEólica Annual Wind Energy Report 2017, shows the total avoided CO2 emissions in 2017 added up to 20.97 million tons, what demonstrates a developed sector with high power generation capability, growing vigorously, overpassing many countries.

However, fossil fuels will continue to keep its relevant spot because it is irreplaceable in some applications and, in others, it’s complementary. “It’s hard to imagine a 100% renewable electric or energy matrix. The fossil fuels will always have its value”, affirm Elbia.

The 4th Brazilian Congress on CO2 in the Oil, Gas and Biofuels Industries, was held between June 28 and 29, in Rio de Janeiro, with the main purpose of promote and debate technical and scientific aspects associated to CO2 emissions, promoting the integration between Industry, Service Providers, Associations, Government Agencies, Research Centers, and Universities.

Among the speakers were Fabiano Lobato, Equinor Head of Research & Technology Center Rio; Antonio Alberto Stuchi, Raizen Executive Director of Technologies and Projects; José Mauro, The Energy Research Office (EPE) director; Aloísio Lopes Pereira de Melo, Ministry of Finance general coordinator for Environment and Climate Change; e Aurélio Cesar Nogueira Amaral, ANP director.

The 4th Brazilian Congress on CO2 was sponsored by Petrobras, Shell, Equinor, Total and supported by Capes, CNPq e TN Petróleo magazine.