The 62th Ordinary General Assembly (OGA) agenda was released. The assembly will be held at IBP headquarters, at Rio de Janeiro, on March 28th, with its first call at 9:30am and the second, at 10:00am.

The beginning of the event is scheduled to 9am, with a welcome coffee for participants, before the first call at 9:30am. The presentation of the activities carried out in 2018 will begin after the second call at 10am, followed by the resolution on the accounts and financial statements for the past year; approval of associate’s maintenance contribution for the 2019 financial year; election of members of the Board of Directors, Fiscal Council and Executive Board, for positions expiring this month.

To close the event, at 12pm, a presentation with the 2019 plan of activities. The Assembly´s Call Notice is available for download at IBP website.

Only the IBP members are eligible to attend the OGA, but only maintaining, industry and collaborating membership categories have voting power in the deliberations of the Assembly. Those interested in attending must confirm their attendance and submit written voting rights proxy on behalf of the company to until March 27th. The submission of the document is mandatory and necessary to guarantee participation in the event.