Facing the current crisis due to the nationwide truckers strike that have been impacting the country in the last week, the Brazilian Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels Institute (IBP) manifests its perspectives about some issues related to fuels price, the actual shortage situation and its serious consequences.

IBP, as always, supports competition and the free market. Thus, we agree with free pricing policy for fuels. This is a transparent practice to stablish prices in Brazil, as it occurs in the main global markets.

We do understand that pump prices are composed by a massive tax burden and the fuel price each of us pay is divided, mostly, between refiners/importers and the Government. So, the solution for this crisis will only be met through the governmental engagement, due to the relevance of taxes.

A solution that involves fixing prices means a load for taxpayers and, as we experienced before, with disastrous effects in the long term.

We approve the engagement of all parties involved and we see positively the efforts conquered so far. We are monitoring the current scenario and support the unlocking of all emergency routes in order to keep maintenance of basic services to the population.

We must work hard and collectively to ensure that the country quickly returns to its normal supply of essential sectors of our cities with energy, security, health and food for all.