A relaxed and an informal atmosphere were the scenario of the fourth edition of Dinner with CEOs Tech edition, that happened on august 29th, parallel at O&G TechWeek 2019. Around 15 executives from the main technology and oil and gas companies and 65 young professionals, debated about career, market scenario and the future of the sector.

Bringing a different proposition, the Dinner with CEOs Tech edition discussed the opportunities that digital transformation and the new technologies save for the oil and gas industry, allowing interaction between participants from different generations, backgrounds and experiences.

Mariano Ferrari, Repsol Sinopec CEO, highlighted the human work is the key to the energy future. “We have no doubt that these people here are what the industry will need in a short and long term”, said the executive, mentioning young people.

The fourth edition of Dinner with CEOs was organized by IBP Young Professionals and sponsor by Repsol Sinopec.



About the Dinner with CEOs

The Dinner with CEOs is an initiative, created in 2016 by the IBP Relationship Management department, supported by IBP Youth Committee, that aims to contribute for the renewal of talents in the energy industry in Brazil and around the world through the meeting of young professionals and industry leaders.

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