The Brazilian Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels Institute – IBP, an entity that brings together the main companies in the oil and gas industry operating in Brazil, is in solidarity with Brazilian society in a moment of unity in the fight against the pandemic caused by the coronavirus.

We speak on behalf of all our associates – more than 300 companies, from oil and gas production to fuel distribution, with the responsibility we have to provide energy in a safe and reliable way. At this critical moment which humanity is going through, we need to ensure this essential service will not be lacking in the national territory.

Thus, our companies work incessantly, dedicated and careful to protect the health of everyone involved in the production chain, to guarantee the integrity and safety of our operational activities and continue to provide critical fuel and LPG supply services to the Brazilian population.

We have been counting on the partnership of the Federal Government, through the Ministry of Mines and Energy, and the State Governments, as well as the regulatory bodies on which we relate and reiterate our thank you.

It is essential that some aspects of our activities continue preserved, in this moment of crisis and exceptionality that we are experiencing, in view of the complexity of our value chain. Several government entities have already shown themselves to be sensitive to these aspects, some of which are listed below.


National supply

We work to ensure that the national territory is not subject to interruption in the distribution of liquid fuels and LPG. Thus, we need to have a continued guarantee of movement of trucks and people essential to this activity, with the necessary safety, in all States of the Federation.

Aware that the Federal Government is adjusting eventual restrictions on circulation with State Governments, we count on such articulation to guarantee the continuity of supply.


Offshore production

Over 95% of Brazilian oil and gas production is carried out at sea, in deep and ultra-deep waters. The workers dedicated to this activity operate on a shift basis, embarked on offshore platforms. Following the recommendations of the World Health Organization and all measures necessary to preserve the safety of personnel, the operating companies are adapting their regimes into this situation and they hope to have the support of all parties involved.

Expatriates carry out some activities related to the operation of the platforms, as they have specific knowledge, and it is necessary to ensure that they can enter the national territory. We are working with the Federal Government to achieve this.



Several bodies regulate our activity, to which we report on a recurring basis. In this moment of crisis, we are, in partnership, optimizing efforts to prioritize what is essential for maintaining safe activities and providing essential services. We appreciate the open dialogue and understanding of everyone involved.


Humanitarian action

We congratulate the actions some companies have taken in order to offer solutions to the health challenge that afflicts us. In dialogue with our associates, we identify some additional measures to support public health and we will communicate them as soon as they are ready.

IBP maintains an open and transparent communication channel with its associates and with Brazilian society. Aware of its role as a provider of a good that is essential to the economic activity of our country and the well-being of the population, IBP and its associated companies are committed to doing everything in their power so that we can overcome this crisis together.

Finally, we sincerely thank the dedication of all those who, in this very special moment, strive daily to ensure the continuity of the industry’s operations. Take care and protect yourself.