On April 11, IBP signed a cooperation agreement with the Brazil-Russia Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Tourism, aiming to bring both countries closer to exchange experiences in the oil and gas sector. IBP´s Secretary General, Milton Costa Filho, the Russian Ambassador, Sergey Akopov, and the General Secretary of the Brazil-Russia Business Council, Gilberto Ramos, took part in the signing ceremony.

At the gathering, held at IBP headquarters, Costa Filho pointed out the importance of proximity to the country, one of the three major oil producers in the world. “This is the moment we have to seize and develop these opportunities. The relationship between our institutions can allow a bigger approach, a greater knowledge. IBP is honored for establishing this partnership”, he defended.

“We will be very energetic and I believe it is in the interest of Russian companies to work in this region, which is Russia’s preferential partner in Latin America,” Ramos said. “We will sign with operational goals. We really want to encourage this bridge. May it bring concrete and effective results, in the fastest time possible”.

IBP associate members and representatives of Russian oil & gas operators in Brazil also attended the ceremony.