In order to discuss critical competitiveness issues for the Brazilian oil & gas sector in a scenario of major transformations for the industry worldwide, the IBP launched the Debate Series on Oil and Economics in 2016. The Debate Series results from the partnership between the IBP’s Economic Analysis management and the Energy Economics Group of the Institute of Economics of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (GEE/IE-UFRJ).

The drop in oil prices in the international market turned competitiveness into an extremely important factor for the oil & gas industry and for Brazil, given the relevance of the activity and its capacity to generate positive effects for the rest of the economy.

The first workshop discussed the challenges and prospects for upstream costs for the expansion and viability of domestic oil production. The second workshop focused on the impacts of the tax regime on E&P activities, especially the importance of the Repetro regime and the impacts of introducing new taxes in the sector. The third one analyzed the costs and benefits of the current local content policy and its long-term sustainability for the industry. And the fourth edition reviewed the differential of attractiveness between the tax regimes of the concession and production sharing agreements.

The Debate Series, which is oriented towards an audience interested in deepening their knowledge on oil economics, generates texts for discussion that present, in an educational manner, results that can stimulate a transparent debate with society.

The schedule with the editions for the 2017 Debate Series will be released soon.

Check out the full material on the events organized in 2016:

May 13 | Costs and Competitiveness in the Brazilian Oil Sector

July 15 | Incentives and Barriers to the Tax Regime in the Oil Sector

September 30 | Costs and Benefits of the Current Local Content Policy

November 4 | Comparison between the Production Sharing and Concession Tax Models

POSTPONED EVENT | Barriers to the Entry and Conditions for Competition in the Supply Sector (new date to be released soon)