Associates and guests meet at IBP headquarters last Wednesday, November 21, to celebrate the institute’s 61st anniversary and also the national oil and gas industry day. Milton Costa Filho and Antonio Guimarães, IBP General Secretary and Executive Secretary of Exploration and Production, respectively, were the event hosts.

Milton highlighted some special moments in the history of institute during 2018. The Rio Oil & Gas, for example, gathered more than 42.000 people, a 24% increase in visitation, and thousand content presentations. For the first time, the congress underlined transversal themes such as digital technologies and gender diversity in the O&G industry.

“An innovation at Rio Oil & Gas was the content offer. It was a huge success I hope spread Brazil OTC that we will held next years”, affirmed.

Other new feature, also during the Rio Oil & Gas, was the release of UnIBP, the first oil, gas and biofuels university, that represents the transition from a traditional model of training to a continuous learning format, focused on the needs of professionals who work or who wish to work in the industry.

“It’s a favorable moment to change methodology, learning, approach, which we will offer, to the industry, the possibility to capacitate them in its human resources. I, personally, think the biggest challenge of this industry resumption will be the human capital”, defended.

Antonio Guimarães punctuated the participation of employees and volunteers in the intelligence created inside the institute and defended the role of IBP as representative of the industry, especially in the moment of energy transition.

“IBP brings its ideas, expose and provoke a debate that permeates society, our leaders, the executive, the legislative and the regulator. We create dialogue”, he defended, pointed out that even more important than the industry success, the institute’s goal is to promote what is good to the country. “What we will produce, if we succeed, is wealth for Brazil, which means employment, investment, payment of taxes, and improvement of the fiscal situation and leverage of the Brazilian economy”.

In 2018, the sector also invested in a new communication format. A modern initiative lead by IBP, the Além da Superfície campaign, is on media outlets since September, with the aim of showing to the public the impact of the sector in the country´s economic development. You can watch the teaser and access the website to find out more.