Meetings intend to reinforce the need of safety and prevention investments intensification


The framework of operations related to pipeline activity, which includes the transportation of dangerous products, drives stakeholders to require higher levels of operational safety and risk management by companies in the industry to ensure the protection of life, the environment, the country’s energy security and the integrity of facilities.

The program of Rio Pipeline Conference & Exhibition 2019, the meeting point of the international pipeline community in Brazil, will present workshops to debate the safety of pipeline operations in the country, between September 3rd to 5th.

The Pipeline Operational Risk Management workshop (9/5) will address relevant initiatives that have been developed in Brazil, in order to promote the discussion concerning prevention and mitigation measures related to operational risks inherent to the pipeline industry. The focus is to gather the members of the pipeline community to discuss issues related to risk management, organizational culture and accident prevention.

“One of the points of the workshop is to present the issues that have been discussed in the Brazilian Pipeline Risk Community, created in 2018 and joint coordinated by IBP, CCPS, ANP, Petrobras and Transpetro. Besides that, we will also have specialists from companies and institutions of O&G sector that will aggregate to the forum discussion”, explained Douglas Alves, consultant of operational risks at Petrobras, who coordinates the workshop with the moderator, Alexandre Glitz, consultant at CCPS.

Following the safety topic, the Stress Corrosion Cracking – SCC workshop (9/2), will debate a failure mode called “stress corrosion cracking”, classified as cracking induced from the combined influence of tensile stress and a corrosive environment. Although unknown in Brazil, the increase of incidents, aroused the interest of the technical community.

“We’ve decided to have a composition that will enable further technical debate. This year, in addition to pipeline SCC management specialists, we come out of the box a little bit and we’re going to bring in an aeronautical expert to talk about crack management in this industry and see what lessons we can apply in our industry”, said Alexandre Seewald, technical consultant/pipeline integrity at Petrobras Transporte and workshop moderator.

In total, four workshops will be presented during the event: Stress Corrosion Cracking – SCC, Integrity of Natural Gas Distribution Pipelines, Control Room Management and Pipeline Operational Risk Management.

The programming includes panels, forums, presentations of technical papers (oral session and digital poster), workshops and mini courses, that collaborates with the technical improvement of professionals and boosting networking among participants, as well as stimulating business among agents of the sector.

The subscriptions to Rio Pipeline Conference & Exhibition 2019 are open. The event is organized by IBP and sponsor by Rosen Group, NTS, AVEVA, Engie, TBG, Intero, Trapil, Plural + Combustível Legal, Worley and Emerson.