The IGRC, one of the greatest technical events of the gas sector, is being held for the first time in Brazil

Criado em : January 4, 2017 | Atualizado em : January 11, 2017

The International Gas Union Research Conference (IGRC), regarded as one of the most important technical events in the natural gas sector worldwide, is being held for the first time in Brazil between May 24 and 26. The city of Rio de Janeiro was chosen to host the 2017 edition of the Congress, which is promoted every three years by the International Gas Union. Here, it is being organized by the Brazilian Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels Institute (IBP). Registrations are open with special promotional prices available for a limited time (until February 28).

The theme of the IGRC’s 2017 edition is “Natural Gas: Catalyzing the Future”. For three days, the event will address the strategic role of technology in the development of the natural gas market. The program includes plenary sessions, presentation of technical papers in poster sessions and technical visits. There will be eight oral and four plenary sessions altogether, which will discuss issues concerning E&P, gas transportation, distribution, use of industrial gas, climate and the environment, among others. The lectures will be given by the main representatives of the local market and from countries such as France, Iran, Germany and the United States.

For the presentations of technical papers, 570 abstracts have been written by authors from 25 countries. 429 out of these will be presented at the event. The country with the highest number of approved papers was Iran (197), followed by Brazil (44). It is closely followed by Russia, with 31 papers and France with 30. Gas transmission & distribution was the topic with the largest number of papers submitted: a total of 136. The topics E&P, climate and the environment total 66 and 54 papers, respectively.