The organizing committee of the Brazilian Congress on CO2 has defined the highlights of its 4th edition, to be held on June 28 and 29, in Rio de Janeiro. Under the motto “CO2 and the Low Carbon Economy”, the conference intends to address one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century: meeting growing energy demands in a scenario with restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions. The registration for the event is open on the website.

This year, to ensure a more in-depth debate on the sustainability of the industry, the congress will expand discussion areas beyond technological features, including perspectives related to environmental and economic aspects. The committee selected topics that were directly aligned with current challenges – both Brazilian and global – for the development of the O&G sector in a low carbon economy.

For that reason, the event will bring, in its plenary, the global perspectives for CO2 and sustainability, addressing the status of CO2 emissions in the world, besides trends, risks and positioning of governments and institutions. The themes of the panels, on the other hand, include a Brazilian overview for emissions, the low carbon economy, as well as Capture, Conversion, Use and Storage technologies associated with carbon dioxide. A round table will also provide a debate on the role of the oil industry in the Brazilian energy transition.

Visit the website to check the agenda.

Call for Papers

To enrich the discussions, the call for papers for the Congress on CO2 is now open. Interested authors can submit their projects to the event’s website up to April 16, through the Author’s Area. The final projects will be published in IBP’s online library, with ISSN registration, and in libraries of universities and partner companies. They may still be published in indexed journals.

Click here to access further information on conference topics, schedule and paper formats.