The IBP’s SMS Committee was invited to join a meeting with the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP’s) Safety Committee at October 29th, to share strategic initiatives about IOGP’s action portfolio to 2019. Delegates from ANP and DuPont also were present at the event.

Carlos Victal, IBP sustainability manager, explained that IBP is IOGP’s associated since 2004 and this partnership have been important, once IOGP´s publications contribute to a technical argument and knowledge sharing about industry environment protection actions, incidents prevention and health improvement.

The two committees deliberated about the IOGP’s Life Saving Rules, a statistical data collection of incidents in the industry and security systems throughout the oil and gas industry chain.

“The oil and gas industry is dedicated to improve safety in its operations. The IBP and IOGP Security Committee support these efforts by developing good practices, promoting the integration of safety into all aspects of day-to-day operations and providing the market benchmark for measuring performance improvement”, affirmed Carlos Victal.

Despite the discussed topics, that belong to 2019 IBP’s SMS Committee activities plan, both groups highlighted the interest in join forces to produce meetings and events about specifics topics in Brazil.