Event delivered a lecture with Equinor sustainability global vice-president


Equinor sustainability global vice-president Bjorn Otto Sverdrup was the guest lecturer of a casual chat with oil and gas industry young professionals and students, last Tuesday, November 13, at Brazilian Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels Institute (IBP) headquarters. With the theme “The Role of the Oil and Gas Industry in Combating Climate Change”, the meeting discussed topics that have been dominating the debates about the future of energy in the world: energy transition, renewables and sustainability.

The talk started with an intrigued question the Equinor executive asked to the audience about what they think about making a difference at the oil and gas industry. “You are facing a fantastic opportunity”, affirmed, focusing the sector and its future professionals are part of the solution to energy issues. Bjorn advised young people always debate those topics: “Dedicate more and more time studying and talking about climate changes and sustainability. There’s no plan B”.

Bjorn spoke about Equinor recent strategic change that not only changed its name, but also became a global energy company, highlighting the three principles behind the company strategic direction: always safe, high value and low carbon. He mentioned in his presentation two renewable energy projects the company is developing in Brazil: the Apodi solar project, in Ceará (northeast of Brazil), that will begin operation in a few days, and the memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed in September between Petrobras and Equinor to develop offshore wind projects in the country.

The executive described the big challenge Equinor has: expect 15-20% of its investments to be directed towards new energy solutions by 2030. He also presented examples of the company commitment to reduce CO2 emissions, with carbon capture and storage (CCS) – which is some of the largest projects worldwide, with more than 20 million tonnes of CO2 already captured.

About 30 young professionals from oil and gas operators and service companies, as well as students from important universities, participated in the lecture. The Safety, Security and Sustainability global VP of Equinor Brasil, Paulo Van Der Ven, also participated.