Between the end of November and early December, IBP signed partnership agreements with two major institutions: the Norwegian-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) and the U.S Business Council. The settlements aim to support projects of mutual interest and collaborative activities.

The arrangement with the Norwegian-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) includes the possibility of proposals, such as the joint implementation of courses and events, the exchange of technical information and the participation in sectoral commissions, for example.

“The combination of these two institutions can further concrete initiatives of joint work that favors the Brazilian oil and gas industry and I believe that Norwegian companies as well”, Jorge Camargo, IBP’s president, defended.

The cooperation with the U.S Business Council, on the other hand, intends to foster activities in the upstream segment. Besides the potential support in the discussion of a regulatory agenda that benefits the industry, the deal reinforces IBP’s accomplishments alongside entities that work in other markets and bring international expertise.