IBP provides market-leading oil, gas and biofuels industry training programs. Training is delivered by more than 200 professionals and experts, with programs covering more than 100 subjects in 13 fields across the industry value chain. Each with an average duration of 32 hours, IBP training programs are designed to qualify industry professionals in state-of-the-art methods and management. IBP has partnered with universities and professional training institutions such as the French Petroleum Institute to deliver enhanced educational services. IBP also offers tailored in-company training.

IBP also offers tailored in-company training, which is supported with technical and managerial expertise that meets each company’s specific requirements. Flexibility is embedded across a wide range of subjects, allowing programs to be adjusted and tailored to deliver optimal solutions for each client’s challenges.

Another advantage is our ability to develop programs not currently included in our course offerings. Clients can simply submit a request to develop a program on a proposed subject.

Interested? IBP will be glad to accommodate your specific request.

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